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Your friend?
In a few months times i will be officially an adult. Well, i haven't been writing in my livejournal for the last few years for a few reasons:
1. I've got a moleskin diary now which i carry if my bag can accomodate
2. I finished Confessions of a Shopaholic (Please don't judge me, i can count the number of chick flicks i read- 3? One Day, Pride & Prejudice -at least in Austen's time, P.s. I love you and i had to read something to neutralize 1Q84) and i came to a conclusion that if my life is a book, it would make a poor literature book (even though i've always envisioned it to be a heart-wrenching tragedy). I'm reaching the point. Like a chick flick book, i've too many twists and turns in a day or a week that i can't elaborate in the most floral and vivid language due to the sheer number of events. Sounds like an excuse but a valid one nonetheless.
3. Literal reflections are replaced with weekly jogs during A Levels, vivid dreams (throughout the last few years) and talking with my loved ones.

I had a queer dream last night. It was about a cat, a man and me (And because i said 'a man' you know this man is not going to be significant, well as compared to 'the man'). A man kidnapped this beautiful persian cat with a snowy coat. Somehow, the cage containing the cat miraculously leaped off the back of the truck as though it had a mind of its own. The cat survived and i found the cat. When i took the cat out of the cage, it resembled nothing more than a shriveled piece of wood- except it was still breathing. Over minutes, the cat shed its velvet pearl fur to just a layer of tanned skin. I was taken aback - even though i was dreaming. Like an obedient and meek slave, i brought the cat water and food. Dreams don't make sense because i brought the kitten uncooked alphabet pasta in water. The kitten slurped the water and food anyway. In my mind, i was telling myself that i should have brought him those rainbow-coloured meat flakes. After that, i was helping the kitten trim its nails. And i woke up. End of story. 
Your friend?
29 March 2012 @ 04:23 pm
Once in a while I console myself
That I rhyme with Justin
A name that probably belongs to a handsome elf
Even when my poet master feeds me paper and ink

I wish to travel and see places
Is it too much to ask for
I get kicks and yeses
With her frustration and epiphany outbursts

Or perhaps I can be a poet
Paper, my stead and words
My dissolvable sword

I can compose stanzas
Into music
At their most stellar
Performance gig
Your friend?
02 February 2012 @ 10:09 pm
Second day of the second month of the year. Maybe that calls for a reason to update my LJ. :)

W made an interesting but revealing comment about me, 'You're not happy'. Subsequently, we landed at many significant conclusions such as
  • The smarter the person, the more unhappy he is
  • Thinking too much makes you unhappy 
  • When you receive something pleasant you least expect, the happiness felt is many times its usual dose

My latest project: Tuck Shop.

If we get the bid, woohoo, i get a big discount for a cafe space rent at a premium location. $500 a month is a steal for a place within walking distance of Bras Basah, Cityhall and Dhoby Ghaut MRT. It will be my first/second taste of entrepreneurship. I say second because The English Lab's considered one too. 

Not going to lie. I'm definitely feeling the stress of the rat race. I've been running the rat race all the life but it's the first time i feel it-I guess it's concentrated when you're in an institute housing the other top 10% of the population's future workforce (holding a degree). I've been walking an unconventional route e.g. A triple science student dropping Bio to take Literature, transferred out of science stream in JC to study Arts (and give up Science entirely for my uni options), then matriculated into a Business School (and chose the most 'dog-eat-dog' Business school out of the 3 business schools in Singapore). Maybe it's not uncommon, except i'm not meeting anyone similar along the way.

On hindsight, i guess i wouldn't have gone other wise.

2 years in uni have been rewarding. Tiring but gratifying. 
  • DId my fair sum of personal travelling. Bali and Aus.
  • Travelled to China for the first time, not for business but for wildlife conservation. (If you're interested in pandas, i highly recommend you research before you go over. Some key words: 'Chengdu, panda conservation base')
  • Volunteered at the Zoo for 2 weeks.
  • Took up at least 3 marketing positions (Side note: Feels good to have budget to work with)
  • Completed at least 200 hours of community service
  • Organized a trip to M'sia for cca. (We were sup to do ostrich riding but good thing it was cancelled due to safety issues. After that i realized my phobia for birds. Oh and go-kart and fireflies. Fond memories)
  • Had a taste of long-distance relationship. Haters of LDR are going to hate me because it was sweet.
  • Obtained my diving open water licence.
  • Went sky-diving for the first time and maybe a future sport if i reside in Australia
  • Presented in front an audience of hundreds? 
  • Made some of the best friends but lost one
  • Found a soul mate who's staying for the rest of my whimsical life
The last two years.. Well, maybe my mum has put it well: Your last 10 years of growth only took place in the last 2 years in Uni. I cannot agree more. A friend said it well- I was slightly intoxicated when he was sending me home but i still remember it vividly- "Life is a never-ending self-discovery journey".

My modules only further reinforce that. I learnt some useful theories to explain questions that have been bugging me for the last 10 years or so.

Unfortunately a problem i had with my primary and secondary school education was that i wasn't able to relate with what i studied. Getting good grades to boost my own ego doesn't count as a revelation of seeing the relation of studies and my own betterment. And perhaps that mindset got me into deep shit. 

Studying shouldn't be all about good grades. Or rather, learning shouldn't be. 

My self-esteem was built by good grades. I would be crushed if the result slips returns with anything unsatisfactory, given i really put in the effort of course. I was crushed by A Levels GP. My result slips are often littered with As and Bs (thankfully or unfortunately more As than Bs). Yes it's going to take a lot of courage to say: Grades aren't everything in life.

My skeptical self can smirk at the previous statement. I live in a world where my friends drive Benz sports car and/or cars to school, my school mates earn up to $6k (I heard $4k and $3k too) for internship - I'm not even talking about real jobs yet and the internship pays owns 90% of the minimum wage of Singapore undergraduates. (Evidence: Salary.sg) My insecurity prompted me to text my mum this morning: What if i earn only $2k after i graduate? It's definitely a cause for concern:
  1. My school fees are 55% higher than the other courses of other uni - at least between SMU Biz and NTU Biz
  2. I'm high-maintenance. Given the resources, i will spurge (within my means of course)
  3. Competition in school is already so cut-throat, can i survive the wilderness of the society? Schools are considered sheltered grounds.
  4. I applied for a few internships but i haven't been called up. (Maybe it's a bad move to compete with SMU seniors and SMU students in general)
  5. Unlike the mainstream *ahem* finance SMU students, i'm not going to take Finance as a major. I have my share of 'i'm going to just take finance as a backup', 'are you sure you're not going to take finance', 'it's so easy for biz students to declare finance', 'everyone's doing finance' and 'finance is where the money is'. No, i'm not going to take finance. It could mean my starting pay is going to be lower but it would also mean i'm going to lead a more fulfilling career by following my heart and not just my logic.   
I guess that's it for now. :)

I shall be giving another shot for my internship. Had to re-do my resume because apparently dates are supposed to be on the right and not the left. -__- I've been using the wrong template for 3 years. 
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Your friend?
20 December 2011 @ 11:50 am

From David Oglivy's book

'Dish best served cold'. -The Graveyard Book. I cannot agree more.Collapse )
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Your friend?
05 July 2010 @ 03:59 am
your sandpaper finger running on my face
pleases me more than a donut glaced
with crocodile clips
and lover's lips
you sent me watts
and coloured me pokka dots
Your friend?
05 July 2010 @ 03:56 am
the night is still
and gives me chills
your lukewarm presence
is a present
on this silent night
like the scintillating starlight
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12 May 2010 @ 08:08 am
crazy morning rush is like the daily game of musical chairs for these 9-5 bees. I used to be an onlooker. some time ago I took part too. you'll feel an adrenaline rush in your blood. I guess some do feel satisfied. opportunity cost(penalty): soreness in legs for the next 30 to 40 min. funny thing is the darker-coloured seats are like the poisoned chairs(another interesting slant in this game). people avoid em. if you sit on it, you only win half of the same.

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04 May 2010 @ 09:41 am
how are you? are you dead? (echoes) i hope you're not. my legs are aching from jogging two days ago. i'm deciding to make an effort to revive you. lucky you.